Profile of the Audit Committee

Muhammad Nurdin, SE

Born  in  Solo  on  February  25,  1965, Muhammad  Nurdin  started  his  career within  the  Sahid  Business  Group in  1991.  Having  occupied  different positions in the field of finance, among others, Finance Manager of Hotel Sahid Toraja, Internal  Audit  Team  of  Sahid Group,  Chief  Accountant  at  Sahid Lippo Cikarang,  Chief  Accountant  at Hotel  Sahid  Jaya  Jakarta,  and  Finance Manager at PT Sahid jaya International Tbk  and  at  the  same  time  Finance Manager of Sahid Group, this Graduate of  the  Department  of  Accounting- Faculty of Economics, Islamic University of  Indonesia,  understands  deeply  the various  financial  aspects  within  Sahid Business  Group,  particularly  those  of PT Sahid jaya International Tbk.
A  big  fan  of  reading,  table  tennis,  and singing,  with  his  profound knowledge on finances, Muhammed was entrusted to  take  up  the  position  of  Director of Finance  at  PT  Hotel  Sahid  Jaya International Tbk in 2005.

Sutadi Sukarya,SE, MM

is career in the hospitality business began as Housekeeping of Hotel Sahid Jaya Jakarta in 1974. Born in Yogyakarta, 16 August 1953, he subsequently pursued and developed his knowledge in accounting and finance. His positions in the Company encompass various aspects, starting from warehousing, purchasing, cost controlling and credit, and subsequently as Chief Accountant. He also participates in various internal and external trainings. His duty as Chief Accountant in the units within Sahid Group took these roles: Chief Accountant at Hotel Sahid Jaya Makassar (2002-2005), Hotel Sahid Kawanua Menado (2005-20062006), and Hotel Sahid Jaya Solo (2006-2007). Subsequently he was appointed as General Manager of Kusuma Sahid Prince Hotel (2008-2009). In 2009, has we was appointed to work at PT Empu Sahid International. In 2011, he was appointed as member of the Audit Committee of PT Hotel Sahid Jaya International Tbk. He holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from the Islamic University of Jakarta, and in 2010 earned his Master of Management degree from IPWI Jakarta.

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