About Us

Architecture & Construction
Sahid Hotels helps streamline projects in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner to ensure your property opens strong. For projects taking shape throughout the world, our Architecture and Construction (A&C) teams provides expert guidance through all stages of development,from feasibility through opening for Sahid Hotels-managed projects. Consisting of licensed architects and designers, the teams reviews and approves all architectural, engineering and interior design plans and specifications throughout the process. Model rooms are also reviewed and approved. A&C also supervises all timelines to ensure projects open on schedule. Once construction is under way, our A&C professionals perform periodic inspections of the construction site and participate in the turnover/acceptance process. SIHM&C works with sahid hotels licensees to provide the documentation needed to implement the construction or conversion of your hotel, from design schematics to pre-opening sales and marketing planning tools.

Procurement Services
Sahid Hotels's centralized procurement services - voluntary for our quality standards licensees - generates significant savings across all brands. Through multi-scale partnerships and proprietary technology, SIHM &C leverages its global strength to lower the cost of goods while implementing efficient inventory management and buying practices.

Sahid Hotels's Branded Guest service training gives employees the framework to deliver on the brand promise, providing an experience that turns first-time guests into loyal customers. Comprehensive training for associates provides a clear understanding of the behaviors and skills necessary to deliver the brand promise, while manager training focuses on leading and building a branded guest service culture.

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