Board of Directors

Ir. H. Hariyadi B. Sukamdani, MM
President Director

This graduate from the Faculty of Technology, Civil Engineering Department, Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, Magister Management, UI, and the holder of Registered Financial Consultant from Association of Registered Consultant, Inc (IARFC), initiated his career as the President Director of PT Sahid Detolin Textile in 1992, and also occupies the position of President Director at some companies in the Sahid Business Group. Presently he is also serving at PT Indotex LaSalle College International as President Director (since 1977), PT Spinindo Bina Persada as Director (since March 2006), and PT Jumalindo Aksara Grafika as Commissioner (since July 2006). Since February 2007 until February 2012 he has been appointed as Commissioner of PT Jamsostek. An avid golfer, he was born in Jakarta on 4 February 1965 and once worked as Secretary and Member of the Group Representative Fraction in the MPR RI, serving in 1999-2004, and until now he is engaged in different organizations, serving as President Commissioner in Charge at HIPMI Jaya Foundation, Head of the Honorary Board of HIPMI, Head of the National Leading Board (DPN) of APINDO, Department of Social Security and Wage, Head of the BPP of Indonesian Textile Association, Department of Domestic Trade, Secretary of the National Committee on National Economic Recovery (KPEN), KADIN, and Vice President of KADIN, Department of Public, Taxation, and Fiscal System Policies.

Hj. Exacty B. Sryantoro, MBA
Vice President Director

Born in Jakarta on 25 August 1957, she started her career within the Sahid Group since 1983 as Marketing Manager of PT Sahid Detolin Textile and was appointed as President Director in 1990. Before being reappointed as Commissioner of the Company in 2007, she held the same position for one period spanning from 1990 to 2005. She graduated from State University of New York, Binghamton, New York in Management and is a holder of Master of Science in Business Administration in the field of Marketing from California State University, Los Angeles, USA. She now holds some positions within the Sahid Group, serving as Director of PT Sahid Inti Dinamika, President Director of PT Sahid Inti Adhiyaksa, Vice President Director of PT Sahid Makasar Perkasa, Commissioner of PT Sahid International Hotels Management & Consultant, President Director of PT Sahid Husada International, President Director of PT Sahid Niaga International and President Director of PT Sahid Sahirman Memorial Hospital. In the organization, she was active as President Commissioner in the field of Yayasan Asa Bangsa, an organization focused on the treatment of narcotics and drugs abuse.

Rakhmat Raharja

Mr. Rakhmat Raharja was born on Oktober 27th, 1968 and is an Indonesian national. He was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Architecture from Trisakti University in 1991. He attended School of Continuous Studies at University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada for six months in 1992. Afterwards, he decided to attend Master of Architecture Engineering Program for two semesters at Oklahoma State University in Oklahoma, USA and transferred to University of Colorado in Colorado, USA and awarded Master of Architecture in Urban Design. Having attend various internship and part time work in several companies until 1991, he began his professional career as an architecture at Maulani Ekacipta Interface for six month. Thereafter, recipient of outstanding student from University of Colorado worked at A.D.A Corp. at Property & Restaurant Division and worked at PT Jaya Real Property Tbk in various divisions for eight years. Since mid 2003 until at the end of 2011, he joined PT Duta Pertiwi Tbk, Sinarmasland, Sinar Mas Group and held several senior management positions. This ex-speaker at CASC (Conference Asia Shopping Center) joined PT Hotel Sahid Jaya International Tbk as a Deputy Director Operation on January 2012. While engaged in different organization, serving as member of Central Executive Council Indonesian Real Estate Association, Head of Permit & Planning 2010-2013 at REI (Real Estate Indonesia), member of Central Executive Council Indonesian Shopping Center Management Association.

Dyah Trianjayani

Ms. Lenny Dyah Trianjayani, an Indonesian citizen, was born in Surabaya on April 2nd, 1963. She received her Bachelor Degree in the field of Accounting from Economy Faculty, Brawijaya University, Malang. This mother of one began her career at PT Jaya Bank International with last position as Marketing Coordinator (Department Head). She also has held a few senior management position with two banks for fome fifteen years, worked as a Relationship Manager Commercial Banking at Bank PDFCI and Assistant Vice President, Corporate Business Team Leader at PT Bank Mega Tbk. Since June 2008, the lady who finished Certified Risk Management certification from Badan Sertifikasi Manajemen Risiko joined the Sahid Group as Chief Financial Officer at PT Sahid Sahirman Memorial Hospital which supervise 5 departments. On January 2012, she finally appointed as Deputy Finance Director at PT HSJI.

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